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I've decided to compile some of the information for my campaign so that you can reference it, should you need it.

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Map of Urph!



Zark Ipzo

Githzerai avenger of Erathis


Half-Elf Invoker

Gorgon Graytusk

Half-orc fighter

Bharash Redscale

Dragonborn Paladin

Triton Vanmiel

Elven Ranger

Keyfe Runesight

Xjph's character, a Dwarven runepriest.


The Holy Lands

  • Rules by a single Pope, and the 11 Templars
  • Have a strong military along with 11 dreadnought class airships, each assigned to a Templar
  • Ten years ago (1500) Durran (Half-Elf), the Pope at the time, died a seemingly natural death
  • Bishop Samuel (Deva) was appointed as the new Pope. Two weeks later is declared a crusade against the giants.
  • All former contact with their long-time allies, Tragadine, was severed


  • An archipelago consisting of 5 islands, each having one major citiy.
  • These islands are connected by large bridges.
  • Ruled by a king, Francis the Third (Human)
  • 5 years after Samuel declared his crusade (1505), the cities of Tragadine were overtaken and the royal family slain by an alliance of orc and ogre tribes. The cause of this is said to be because the general of the Tragadine army, Armil (Eladrin), took most of his forces on training exercises, leaving the cities defenseless.
  • Entry or exit from the cities is limited and communication between them is prohibited.
  • Tragador - the capital city and largest island located in the center of the archipelago. The king resides here.
  • Windvale - port town of Tragadine, this is where the airships from the Holy Lands used to dock when they arrived -Touten - a quaint rural, farming town which was known for it's hospitality. A great place to visit for those wanting a break from the large city life.
  • Redcliff - a mining town known for uncovering a few ruins of old cities
  • Verhan - the oldest city of Tragadine and having a large population for a city of its size

The Giant Lands

  • Not visited since it is populated by giants, which are considered evil

The Dragon Lands

  • Land located North of Tragadine and Northeast of the Holy Lands.
  • None that have ventured there have ever returned

The Savage Isles

  • Two islands found between Tragadine and the Dragon Lands
  • Said to be host to powerful, primal, and savage tribes of varying races

Pirate's Den

  • A few islands placed south of the Holy Lands
  • When the Holy Lands used to make trip to Tragadine, it was said that they were somtime attacked by pirates possessing small airships fitted for plundering

Isle of Lost Souls

  • Islands said to be overflowing in necrotic energies
  • Was formally a focus of investigation by the Holy Lands under the rule of Pope Durran


  • A single, simple town landing southwest of the Isle of Lost Souls
  • Technology and lifestyle fall somewhere in between those of Tragadine and the Savage Isles; not barabarians but not living in a world with airships
  • Is said to be plagued with terrbile night hags. Some say they even rule over this town

I have a map available for you to look at as we start, so don't worry about where the islands are relative to each other, you'll see it as we start. The game starts 5 years after the occupation of Tragadine (1510), on Orangeman's Day.

Characters of Notice as of 1510

The Holy Lands

Pope Samuel (Male, Deva)

  • The leader of the Holy Lands, the youngest pope in history (32)

Balasar of the Platinum Dragon (Male, Dragonborn)

  • Templar of Bahamut. Known for his strong sense of justice and as a rare winged Dragonborn. Takes after silver dragons

Gromel of the Goldion Hammer (Male, Dwarf)

  • Templar of Mordin. This old dwarf is a living legend and a true hero. Has a town named after him in the Holy Lands

Sarah of the Radiant Sun (Female, Human)

  • Templar of Pelor. A fairly new edition to the templars.

Lucan of the Endless Tome (Male, Eladrin)

  • Templar of Corellion. A master of magic, he and Gromel are the most senior members of the Templars and have become good friends

Wella of the Silent Night (Female, Halfling)

  • Templar of Sehanine. Known for not having much known about her.

Vimak of the Thunderous Spirit (Male, Goliath)

  • Templar of Kord. A young Templar and a person of action, he and Maxwell are aspiring to become great heroes like Gromel.

Maxwell of the Free Heart (Male, Human)

  • Templar of Avandra. A youthful lad looking to prove he's capable of great deeds. Easygoing and liked by many common-folk.

Atka of the Ancient Prophets (Female, Tiefling)

  • Templar of Ioun. Keeps to herself, watching for signs of prophecy. Holds knowledge of the obscure.

Aurora of the Forgotten Winter (Female, Shifter)

  • Templar of the Raven Queen. Master of death and magic, is considered the most frightening and unapproachable templar.

Calder of the Silvered Shield (Male, Half-Elf)

  • Templar of Erathis. Strategist of the Templars and brother of former Pope Durran. Known for his strong sense of fellowship.

Erdan of the Serene Wilderness (Male, Elf)

  • Templar of Melora. Known for not usually being around much as he's often sent to the Feywild.


  • Former Half-Elf Pope of the Holy Lands, deceased.


Aramil (Male, Eladrin) First Appearance: Session One

  • General of the Tragadine army. Most known as the cause of the current occupation of Tragadine by foolishly emptying the cities for a training exercise. Currently works with the orcs as a sort of figurehead to fool the commoners into thinking that the people still hold some power over their cities. He currently resides in Tragador.

Orson (Male, Human) First Appearance: Session One

Prince and last surviving member of the Tragadine royal family. Maintains a magical dimension where he, Myron, Tim and (sometimes) the party resides.

"Lucky" Tim (Male, Human) First Appearance: Session Three

  • A scrawny youth whose luck was very poor until he met a group of adventurers who took him away from his fairly boring life. He has shown aptitude towards the more shady set of skills.

Warryn Waltz (Male, Gnome) First Appearance: Session Six

  • Pre-occupation, he was considered the greatest entertainer Tragadine has ever seen. He would usually tour the five cities, playing is popular ballads to the delight of noble and commoner alike. His last stop as 5 years ago was in Touten, but hasn't been heard from since.


  • A human knight and great hero from Tragadine. Exactly what he did and why he's a hero is unknown. There has been a national holiday, Orangeman's Day, for as long as anyone can remember.

Myron (Male, Minotaur) First Appearance: Session Three

  • An accomplished alchemist, he kind a kind soul whose loves to experiment with new ingredients and discover new formulas. He also dabbles in creating magic items. If asked why he loves alchemy so much, he'd respond with "I like the smell of magic dust".

Zachar (Male, Deva) First Appearance: Session Four

  • A stoic scholar, Zachar is a friend of Orison and holds rare and obscure knowledge. It is rumored this knowledge comes from being able to see glimpses of his previous lives. It is said that he is "good with a blade", although very few people have ever seen him draw a weapon and may be a misconception about his overall character as not too many people know this deva very well.

Perrin Marshall (Male, Halfling) First Appearance/Death: Session One/Eight

  • A solider in the Tragadine Army and friend of Gorgon Greytusk. His light-hearted demeanor can be welcoming in these trying times as he tries to see the positive side of all things. He is a skilled carpenter, a trait passed down from his father, and collector of anything related to Organeman, items or information. Despite his small stature, he is skilled with a blade and it is said that you don't want to get on his bad side, or you may loose you kneecaps.

  • Bharash is very fond of Perrin, he finds the halfling's cheery nature, martial prowess, and surprising courage endearing and considers the halfling to be an excellent companion. So much so that he frequently allows the halfling to ride on his shoulders as they go about their business.

The Orc & Ogre Alliance

Brug (Male, Orc) Frist Appearance/Death: Session Two/Eight

  • Leader of the Bloodrock tribe. Became of the leader of this tribe by outsmarting the former leader in a duel with the former leader. Usually wears a tattered red cloak and wields a greatspear
  • Bharash holds some resentment towards Brug for his interference in the party's first mission. In particular he would like to kill his worgs and make them into a cloak.
  • Killed by Bharash

Ootah (Female, Orc) First Appearance/Death: Session Two/Nine

  • Leader of the Goretusk tribe. A particularly ugly orc, Ootah became the leader of her tribe after proving with her archery skills, that she alone could feed the entire clan. A well fed orc is a happy orc. Never seen without her oversized greatbow.
  • Killed by Gorgon, with a blow to the head.

Krusk (Male, Orc) First Appearance/Death: Session One/Session Thirteen

  • Leader of the Grimaxe tribe. His ruthless demeanor towards any who would oppose him instilled fear into the rest of his tribe. This naturally progressed until he became the leader of his tribe. Considered the number three in charge of the alliance, he usually hunts down those who he deems as a threat to the orcish rule.
  • He is the tallest orc, which means his custom made executioner's axe is made that much more intimidating.
  • Bharash holds a particular hatred of Krusk, seeing him as the cause of the invasion, the destruction of his clan, and the cause of the suffering he sees daily. He would dearly love to best the Orcish leader in single combat, but recognizes that he must gain more skill and power before he can face Krusk axe to axe.

Scrag (Male, Orc) First Appearance/Death: Session Eleven

  • Leader of the Torneye tribe. A Religious fanatic, his ability to convince the rest of his tribe that he preforms the god's will is why he is a leader. Scrag is the smallest of the orc leaders which is fitting as the Torneye tribe has the least amount of members of the orc tribes.

Tarak (Male, Orc) First Appearance/Death: Session Fourteen

  • Leader of the Deathgrip tribe. Tarak is the leader of the Orc/Ogre Alliance. This was apparently accomplished by Tarak walking up to the ogre tribes and telling them to follow him or be destroyed. His combination of above-average orc intelligence, power and motivation is why he is the current King of Tragadine. He is proficient with the spiked chain. Tarak fought Gorgon, Triton, Keyfe, Arannis and Zark in the throne room of Tragador Castle. He put up a tremendous fight, defeating Gorgon and Triton, before he was killed by Keyfe with a massive blow to the head.

Darth (Male, Ogre) First Appearance/Death: Session Fourteen

  • Leader of the Dire Maul clan. He is the second-in-command of the alliance. Clad in black, he is the largest Ogre ever seen. Also known for his uncharacteristically high intelligence, it is rumored that he is waiting to see how Tarak deals with this occupation and will strike him down from power when the moment is right. He uses a triple headed flail.
  • Slain by Orson

Winston (Male, Ogre) First Appearance/Death: Session Fourteen

  • Leader of the War Hulk clan. At a young age, it is said that this ogre struck down a powerful warrior from the Savage Isles. From that victory he took his victim's weapon (falchion) and his name (Winston). Since then , he collects trophy's from any who he slays.
  • Slain by "Lucky" Tim

Orge (Male, Ogre) First Appearance/Death: Session Twelve

  • Leader of the Big Bludgeon clan. Being slightly smarter and faster than his kin, Orge became the leader of his tribe.

Likes to bludgeon with his greatclub.

Uuug (Male, Ogre) First Appearance: Session Three

  • Leader of the Smah Heads clan. One half of a pair of ogre twins, he came from some other unknown tribe, smashed heads and became the leader of the tribe, while also renaming it.

Boog (Male, Ogre) First Appearance: Session Three

  • Leader of the Hurtmore clan. The second hald of the ogre twins, he went to a different tribe than his brother and took it over. Both he and his brother use one half of a broken double sword which, judging by the size, was probably forged for a giant at first.

The Feywild

The Great Gark (Male, Hobgoblin) First Appearance: Session Six

  • Leader of the goblin army which plagues the Feywild. It's said he gained his army by rallying all of the waring goblin tribes together through the God of Secret, Venca. His powers are said to rival those of the Archfey, and is usually accompanied by his two bodyguards.

Your Characters and the start of the game

The game starts in the town of Tragador on Orangeman's Day. The orcs and ogres have allowed celebration of this day, but usually only as a way to keep some of the commoner's complacent. Usually around this time, a few extra hands are hired to "join the guard" for a day, which usually just means wearing a uniform and standing around. For whatever reason, you have decided to do this today. This is one of the few times your are allowed to be armed in the streets as a "few petty rabble" shouldn't be able to stir up too much trouble.

A couple of rules and guidelines for your characters:

  • Play what class/race you want. Don't worry about "we don't have a defender" sort of mentality as I won't go out of my way to punish you since you don't have a particular class/skill.
  • Look over powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies. Please come to the table each night knowing what you'll want to take one level in advance.
  • At the end of each session, I'd like to collect an up-to-date hard copy of your character sheet so I can plan for future encounters.
  • Ret-cons of characters will be available throughout heroic tier. Depending on the type of change and how long you played an old character, we can also write a character out of the party.
  • Please play only if you want to play. I will not take it personally should you read over some of this information and not be interested. If you start playing and don't like how it's going and wish to stop playing, please let me know after a session, but hopefully before the next session so I may adjust encounters for next time. It's not that I don't want to hang out, but if you're not interested in playing, that may tend to lead to distracting activities which may disrupt other who may be interested.
  • I'd like to play with all players present. Since there are reoccurring characters, and a progressive story (hopefully), then I'd like as many people there as possible. Having a character "pokeballed" or even worse, killed, when a player is unavailable can be very discouraging.
  • Send me your character's alignment. His may be done privately or publicly, it doesn't matter to me. This will help me understand where you want your character to go and so half-way through a session I'm not surprised by an "I eat that defenseless baby" sitiuations.
  • Also, I'd like it if you could send my your preference for how you'd like magic items to be distributed with your character ideas.

For example: find "random" items, an item wish list, converting magic items to gold and you just buy what you want out of the gold...

I think that's it for now. If you have any other comments or questions, let me know. I'll be ready to start the first session as soon as I see a your characters.

Campaign Log

Session One

The PCs are recruited as guards temporarily to help with maintaining the peace during Orangeman's Day and assigned together under the command of Gorgon Graytusk. The celebrations themselves are mostly uneventful, but a group of orcs became surly after being pushed around by some larger ogres, and in turn began picking of some of the city's children. The PCs, unable to tolerate this, intervened on the children's behalf and dispatched the orcs.

After the dust settled the PCs had a minor disagreement over what they should do next, with the group split between finishing their shift with the guard or leaving the scene and dissociating themselves as much as possible from the events.

This conflict came to an abrupt halt, however, when a small note with a key attached was spotted in the alley where the fight happened. It was addressed to the PCs as a whole, and expressed pleasure at finding someone willing to fight the orcs, prompting us to use the attached key in "a home".

After the celebrations ended the PCs met again and used they key, opening a portal into a dark area through which they stepped. On the other side they found a boy who identified himself as Orson Welles, the last surviving member of Tragadine's royal family.

Orson revealed that he has been in contact with Aramil in an effort to begin building a foundation for a resistance against the occupation. The PCs have been recruited due to their willingness to stand up to orc brutality.

Session Two

He was only a minion!

Aramil asked the PCs to go to Touton to pick up a shipment of foodstuffs, to bring back to Tragadine. This would serve as a way for them to investigate a Fey-crossing along the way. They were to cross into the Feywild and look for a magical herb, which could potentially help Aramil develop some potions to aid in the fight against the orcish oppressors.

The trip to the fey-crossing was uneventful. Upon entering the gate, the PCs discovered an elf who told them of the current military goings-on in the Feywild, namely with ravaging goblins having taken over the most direct path to the herbs the party was searching for.

The elf agreed to escort the party through goblin territory. After several pitched battles, and the death of their elven minion, the PCs were forced to exit the Feywild to recover from their wounds. They continued their journey to Touton and were escorted back to Tragadine.

Having failed their mission, the PCs spent the next few weeks in Tragadine, biding their time...

Session Three

Be very, very quiet...We're hunting for minotaurs!

We went to Red Cliff to escort a group of carpenters who were ordered to repair Ug and Bug's mansion (ogre leaders of Red Cliff). Gorgon's halfling friend was part of the group since, in addition to being a competent soldier, he is also a skilled carpenter.

We found that the people of Red Cliff are worse off that those of Tragador. These Orges are particularly brutish and terrible.

Myron the minotaur was being held in a group of larger houses inhabited by Orcs. Recently, someone in Red Cliff had been brazen enough to sneak in there and steal from the Orcs. We did some investigating and found that a poor, scrawny teenager known as 'lucky' Tim is the thief. We befriended him and brought him to the house with Orson in exchange for info on how to sneak into the Orc houses to find Myron.

We snuck in and fought some Orcs as we rescued Myron. He escaped through the portal to Orson and Tim and we made our way back into the main part of the Red Cliff with no pursuit. We found some treasure including Orangeman's first sword, a +2 Bastard Sword.

Session Four+Five

The party met the Deva Zachar and helped find a historical book (very old, about a religious figure from The Holy Lands) in cave, after fighting through some undead. Now getting ready for another trip to Touton. { some expansion needed }

Session Six

The party has traveled to Touton again to aid in fighting spiders and ettercaps. Brug decided their help was not needed so the party was free to explore their other purpose in Touton. They found Warren and convinced him to meet with Orson. With Zachar's help, the party is now searching for a harp to give to Warren so that he can regain his confidence and perform again. Coincidentally, they are fighting spiders and ettercaps in a ruin near Touton...

Session Seven

The party cleared the ruins near Touton, and recovered the Harp for Warren. Upon returning to Touton, the party was confronted by Brug, who questioned them on their finds in the ruins. Zark did not like his accusing tone and got all up in his grill. Brug left in a huff and the party was displeased with Zark for having done a thing...

Session Eight

Battle on the Bridge

The party leaves Touton to return to Tragador. During their journey, they are ambushed on a bridge, by Brug and Ootah. Brug vowed to kill the players, but his Hubris got the better of him when Bharash managed to sever his head and impale it on his spear. The party, after receiving a (cinematic) second wind, prepares to do the same thing to Ootah.

They are ready to kick ass and chew gum...and they're all out of gum.

Session Nine

Spoiler: Ootah dies

The party continues their fight on the bridge. The hard fought battle is ended when Gorgon hacks through Ootah's bow and hews right into her head. The party tosses all the corpses over the side of bridge, pick up Perrin's remains, and make their way to Tragador. They bury Perrin near the gate to the Feywild and make their way into town. After a brief meeting with Aramil, and taking care of Perrin's son and mother, the adventurers meet at Orson's hideout to discuss the next step with Aramil.

Aramil informs the players that they must travel to Windvale to assassinate Scrag, the orc leader of the Torneye tribe. Following the deaths of Ootah and Brug, all the leaders will be meeting in Tragador, except for Scrag, who never leaves Windvale. Whilst the leaders are distracted, the players will kill Scrag and return to Tragador aboard an airship, build by the Vice-Templar Gerald. Gerald had been retired in Windvale before the occupation and it is thought he has secretly been building an airship to extract citizens to safety. The players must find Jerold and commandeer his airship.

Myron has made potions for the adventurers that will make them look like orcs, allowing to leave Tragador and enter Windvale. Once in Windvale, the players must find and kill Scrag, sparing as much of the population as possible. (Ideally, everyone) Once Scrag is dead, the occupying force will think that orcs from Brug's tribe were the ones who killed him (since the potions will have worn off) and the player will be more or less free to roam about the city to find Gerald and escape.

Once they return to Tragador, they will enter the castle through a special entrance, reachable only by airship. Once inside, they will start fighting the occupying force from the airship.

The adventurers left Immediately after the meeting. Five days later, they arrived at Windvale and are let in without trouble. Oddly, there were no small children and middle-aged people. Only twenty-something year old guards, guarding alongside the orcs, and enfeebled elders. It appears as though Scrag may have done away with all the "able-bodied" population at the time of the invasion and keeps all the children in a compound in order to indoctrinate them as they grow up.

The party met with Gerald and Nathan at a bar. Nathan revealed that Gerald may have an airship, but Gerald did not confirm it. The party did learn that his granddaughter is being held captive in one of the concentration camps. Rescuing her would go a long way to acquiring passage on the airship.

Sessions Ten & Eleven


The party, still disguised by the potions, approached Scrag's main compound with stories of messages for Scrag. The front guards - composed of a mixture of orcs and humans - didn't accept this however, and in the face of this resistance the party and the guards came to blows.

After the dust had settled an orcish messenger delivered a scroll over the wall, informing us that for every five minutes we didn't turn ourselves in one child would be killed. This had possibly the opposite of the intended effect, with the party resolving to end this as quickly and as directly as possible. They immediately scaled the walls of Scrag's and began forcing their way into the compound, trying not to kill any children in the process.

After checking a few buildings the group found a secret passageway underneath the mess hall leading down in to a underground bunker of some sort, and guarded by ogres. After dispatching the ogres and pressing onward they came face to face with Scrag himself. Shortly after a fight broke out and Scrag called out for dozens of children to come help him. The party was careful not to kill the children, but did find it necessary to engage and knock out most of them.

When the dust settled, Scrag lay dead, and hundreds of children were found in the rooms behind Scrag. They obligingly led the party out of the bunker through a secret passage that led outside, and Gerald's daughter identified herself to the group. With knowledge and proof of Janice's safety, Gerald was only too happy to help the party and arranged to meet them at the airship docks.

Session Twelve

Ogre Battle

At the docks the party plus Gerald are almost immediately set upon by Ogre and his minions. Exhausted from the assault on Scrag's stronghold the group are brought to the very limit of their endurance, but manage to overcome the brute in the end.

Gerald reveals the hidden dock that housed his airship and makes it available for the party's use. With Wind Vale liberated they set off for Tragador to assist in Aramil's coup.

Session Thirteen


Arriving at the airship dock below Tragador the party began infiltrating the capital. On the way up into the palace the party was ambushed by Krusk who crashed down through the ceiling while the group was engaged with several other orcs and ogres. After a hard fought battle Krusk was no more, and the party made their way up into the castle proper.

Session Fourteen

Holy Airships, Orson!

Stepping into the hall of the palace the players find the door to the throne room magically sealed and protected by a group of many orcs. Harangued by the attacking orcs the group eventually manages to open the door, but Bharash fell while keeping the orcs at bay.

Pushing on into the throne room they encountered Tarak, standing before the throne. The battle between Tarak and the players was long fought, and costly. Just as hope seemed to be lost the notes of Warren's music reached the party, encouraging them and giving them the strength to push on. Even with the bard's assistance it was a close thing. With most of the group unable to stand Keyfe finally ended the orc's life, knocking his head clean from his shoulders with a solid blow from his hammer.

The elation of victory was short lived, and airships approaching from the holy lands were soon spotted. Representatives from the holy lands had come to request aid in their own battle against giants.

Session Fifteen

Well, the horse won't fit

The group travelled to Lumina to bring an offer to the people of The Holy Lands from King Orson...

Upon arriving at Lumina the Holy Lands diplomats met with us and told us the reason for their visit to Tragadine. The Holy Lands were to request aid in their fight against the giants which have beseiged their nation. Naturally Tragadine was in a poor position to offer support as they were trying to rebuild from the occupation. Nevertheless the group relayed the request to Orson, who made a curious counter-offer. He would agree to accept refugees from the Holy Lands if they would give him The Goldion Hammer, Templar Gromel's signature weapon.

While the Holy Lands diplomats were noticably shocked by the request, Gromel himself was more than willing to offer the hammer if it meant ensuring the safety of the people.

Orson then requested that the party investigate some ruins that were outside Lumina. He was uncharacteristically succinct in his request, refusing to give more detail other than that there was "something" there, and that his purposes would be explained in time. The group headed out to the ruins and discovered an underground extension of the ruins that seemed to have been freshly explored by someone else.

Session Sixteen

Let's destroy The Primordials once and for all!

Inside the ruins the group was set upon by many different types of undead. In the ruins of what appeared to be a church the party found a secret passageway leading into an even deeper chamber. In the chambers below they found a group of vampires and their spawn. The battle ended quickly, with the vampires standing no chance against the well equipped group from Tragadine. In the corner of the room sat a tome on a pedestal.

Returning to the surface with the tome, Zachar seemed pleased with what they had found and they made their way back to Tragadore.

Back in the capital the party presented Orson with the tome. He requested that they come back the next day and he would tell them more. In their next meeting he revealed his plan that had him so uneasy: the destruction of the primordials.

Left with this heavy responsibility to consider, the party ponders what to do next.