The Shackled City

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Campaign Synopsis

Chapter 1 “Life's Bazaar”: The PCs were asked to investigate the a series of kidnappings, including several children who were taken from an orphanage. They track the kidnappers through the abandoned gnomish conclave of Jzadriune, and reach The Malachite Fortress beneath. Their they encounter and defeat a slaver ring, with the aid of a pair of half-elves, named Fellian and Fario. Their victory is bittersweet, as during the final conflict, a beholder arrives on the scene, and demands one of the children, a boy named Terrem, saying he will not be harmed. Later the PCs discover that Terrem was returned, apparently unharmed to the Orphanage.

Chapter 2 “Drakthar's Way”: The PCs are asked by Tereson Skellerang, the Captain of the Town Guard, to investigate a series of goblin attacks. They discover that the goblins are being led by a Bugbear Vampire living beneath the city, and that his lair contains a secret entrance to the city from the outside, through which a number of mercenaries have been moved, for reasons unknown.

Chapter 3 “Flood Season”: The head priest of St. Cuthbert in the region, was journeying back to Cauldron with Wands of Control Water, to help combat the coming flood season, when he was attacked and killed outside the city. The PCs arrive too late to rescue him, but they are able to save Shensen, and half-drow worshipper of Fharlanghn. The PCs search for the missings wands, and are sold information that puts them on the right path by Artis Shemwick, an info dealer. They explore an abandoned Kopru ruin, and there do battle with an Ebon Triad cult, who had stolen the wands. They return to the city, and help save it from the floods.

Chapter 4 “Zenith Trajectory”: An Umber Hulk attacks the city, in a warehouse region largely controlled by Maavu Arlintal, which the PCs stop. They are then invited to a meeting by a beautiful woman named Celeste, and an old, decrepit dwarf named Davked. Davked asks the PCs to search for his son, so to end a curse that threatens his life. The PCs travel to Bhal-Hamatugn, a Kua-Toa fortress, and along the way meet Crazy Jared. In the fortress, the PCs discover that Zenith, the dwarf they were sent to find has gone mad, and is the ruler of the Kua-Toas. They subdue Zenith and bring him back to Cauldron. Upon reaching Cauldron, the PCs turn Zenith over to Lord Vhalantru, who delivers him to Davked, and rewards them.

Chapter 5 “The Demonskar Legacy”: The PCs are involved in a large riot, and many people are killed. The PCs are asked to meet Maavu in the nearby town of Redgorge. At Redgorge, they are told that Cauldron intends to subdue the town, and blame the riot and other problems on Maavu and the other town leaders. They are asked to find Sir Alek Tercival, a paladin of St. Cuthbert, who should be able to stop the invasion. They PCs follow Sir Alek's path to the Demonskar, and there find themselves in an ancient spellweaver ruin. They find Sir Tercival, but before they can return to Cauldron, they are confront by Nabthatoron, the Lord of the Demonskar, a powerful Glabrezu demon. The PCs and Alek are wiped out, and the town of Redgorge is destoyed, its inhabitants dispersed,

Chapter 6 “Test of the Smoking Eye”: A new group of heroes meets in Cauldron, gathered by prophecy and fate. Here they meet Karuphon, a half-fiend, who guides them to the plane of Occipitus, the 226th layer of the abyss. Here, they complete a series of tests, and learn that the former ruler of the plane, the demon prince of madness, Adimarchus, has been sealed away on Carceri by his rival Graz'zt. Ultimately, Naestra Taletreader inherits the sign of the smoking eye, and becomes ruler of the plane.

Chapter 7 “Secrets of the Soul Pillars”: The PCs are attacked by a group of assassins. Through the aid of an unexpected ally, the Striders of Fharlanghn (whose members include Fellian, Fario, Shensen, and Naestra), they identify the assassins as having been sent by the Church of Wee Jas. The PCs assault the church, defeating it's second in command, Ike Iverson, and capturing a strange cage of powerful magic. From a letter, they discover the existence of Karran-Kural, another spellweaver ruin, which may have ties to the Cagewrights. Inside Karran-Kural, they battle a powerful wizard, named Fetor Abradius. He's escapes, but from his notes, the PCs learn much of the Cagewrights, and their plans.