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This campaign is being DM'd by Xjph in an original setting. The system will be 3D tetrahedral matrix boogaloo (D&D4e). The setting will always be incomplete.

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Map of Panterra


The campaign will begin with the player characters all involved, in one way or another, with trade between Virrir and the other Panterran nations. They can be guards for merchant caravans, or merchants themselves, anything that would put them into a position of needing to travel in and out of Virrir. On their most recent trip to Virrir an undisclosed "incident" of some sort took place within Virrir which has the nation on edge, and many people in the capital are beginning to refuse contact with outsiders. The PCs will volunteer/be recruited to offer their services to the Virrir authorities to help hasten the resolution of this issue.


While any published race/class is allowed it would be preferable to choose a race that has a background in this campaign world. I will make an effort to incorporate any race that a person wants to play. For purposes of the elves in Panterra consider the Vitha'dira to be 4e elves, while the Sindara are eladrin.


Dragonborn Knight(Philippe) - Parted ways with the party


Minotaur (Philippe)

Brak Greystone

Dwarf Barbarian (Mike)

Caleb Cradlehorn

Halfling Hexblade (Pat)


Minotaur Paladin (elbkhm)

Eric Moore

Human Wizard (Ryan)

Marcus Ondore

Jason's Character (Jason)


For more information, see Panterra.

The world of Panterra is dominated by one large supercontinent surrounded by smaller subcontinents and islands. This supercontinent is large enough to play host to a wide variety of climates, from near arctic, to tropical, to desert.

The majority of the land on the continent is divided among the human kingdoms of Antilla, Regin, Virrir, Thelland, and Clixan. In addition to these is the magical city of Haven, as well as various other independent city states. Most other races have homes on the larger of the surrounding islands, with the exception of halflings, who lead a nomadic lifestyle among the human lands.

Session Log

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Quon Quinn, Hadari Hanova, Rangrim Rockbore, Errich Everest, Chaedi Calavira and Torbera Telvrik - members of The Stormblades - made their way into an ancient temple. They fought their way through the defences and creatures the temple had of offer. They found the spirit and body of an elf named Silincas, who doesn't appear to know where he is and doesn't know why his mind and body were separated...

One: How I Killed Your (Fledgling) Dragon

Caleb Cradlehorn, Sora, Asteron, Eric Moore, Marcus Ondore and Brak Greystone escorted a caravan containing various goods to Virrir.

Upon reaching the Virran border, the caravan was greeted by guards who informed them that the border was closed; the caravan would simply have to wait at a nearby rest-stop until the border reopened.

The guards would not expand on the nature of the border closing, so Gerard asked the party to take the mountain pass into Virrir. It's unguarded border would enable them to make their way to the town of Cylia and get someone to sponsor their entry.

The mountain crossing was cold; colder than a penguin's chuff. After many days of fighting back the wilderness, and many nights of fighting off the cold, the party discovered a large cavern. Inside they found a fledgling white dragon. A battle ensued, but the party quickly dispatched the nasty reptile and spent the night in its cave.

The next day, they made it to Cylia. There they quickly befriended some locals who offered to sponsor their entry. With the proper documents in hand, they made their way back to the border crossing and the waiting caravan.

Two: Where did my magic boots go?

Shortly after arriving in Cylia the party discovered that most of the magical goods being carried by their caravan, including most of Caleb's Uncle's goods, had disappeared from within their locked chests. Frustrated by this turn of events they approached the government of Cylia to seek redress, only to be informed that the town proper was suffering from a the same issue.

Caleb then spearheaded an investigation of the local troubles, which culminated in mapping out the thefts and establishing that the epicenter of the phenomenon lay several days journey outside of the town. Unfortunately, during the investigation, the party laid a clever trap for the presumed thief using Brak's enchanted boots as bait. The boots were taken, but no thief was found.

The party then left Cylia to seek the center of the phenomenon and put a stop to it. However, they were assailed by ferocious monsters en-route and Caleb was slain. He was later told that the party had bested a number of beasts before finding a magical anomaly that was the source of the phenomenon afflicting both the town and the caravan. Eric, the party's wizard, devised a new ritual to resolve the issue freeing Torbera Telvrik from a failed plane-shift/teleport ritual, and as a sign of her gratitude she called upon her divine power to raise Caleb from the dead.

Three/Four: The Journey to Mount Harmonia

After their return to Cylia, Tilmar presented them with some rewards on behalf of the town for their help resolving the issues with the planar blister.

Later, Gerald approached Marcus Ondore and gives him a letter from a man named Vincent Ashebury, a well-known Thellish bard who is also Marcus' son-in-law...

Five: All this has happened before, all this will happen again

The party arrived at Apostle's Rest, the sprawling city at the base of Mount Harmonia. There they met with Vincent Ashebury at Azin's Inn. He explained that he has been commissioned by the Church to create a "sanitized" version of the prophecy; something for the masses. However, he is not being allowed to review any of the original prophecy in order to do so. He tasks the party with finding out which members of the church had the original visions, and to obtain their permission to get access to the notes.

After a bit of digging, the party found that Bishop Lilly Ailen, a member of the church of Ioun was one of the original three bishops to have the vision. The party managed to gain an audience with the bedridden cleric who, after a short discussion, agreed to give her consent as well as the names of the other two bishops. The party visited with each of them and secured their permission to get a copy of the original, unedited notes.

Having been promised a copy of the notes, the party retired for the night. The next morning, there was no word on the notes. The group ventured to the Cathedral and were greeted by guards who accused them of kidnapping the bishops, who had disappeared during the night. The guards took them to meet a panel of clergymen who asked them to answer to the charges; the bishops had vanished along with all the original notes, copies, ink quills...everything pertaining to the prophecy.

The party invoked the named of Vincent Ashebury as being able to vouch for their whereabouts and, after a brief but impressive speech on his part, the party was released. Vincent put the entire Cathedral on lockdown as the party began their investigation.

At first the party believed it would take a smarter group than them to connect these events. After a bit of searching however, the group found a secret access-way which seemed to connect the entire Cathedral to some basement retreat or safe. The party made their way into the basement and were faced with armed guards, bearing the symbol of Vecna.

They dispatched the guards and made their way in...

Dramatis Personæ

Helden Sonder – Leader of Antilla
Rornia Sonder – Helden's wife

Tayle & Ginth Fatherin – Leaders of Regin (twins)
Lord Father Pious Dominic IV – Head of all Churches of Virrir

Catherine Winsor – Queen of Thelland
Anthony Winsor – Catherine's consort

Emperor Lieu Cao – Leader of Clixan

Tyvenis Li'sinda – Leader of the Sindaran elves

Valetri Li'vitha – Leader of the Vitha'diran elves

Thegis Aeducan - King of the Dwarves and Gnomes

Merec Thorvald - Leader of Haven

Father Balian II - Priest of Bahamut and the adoptive father of Sora.

Bren Greystone - Brak's father
Marloh Tarren - Brak's mother
Brek Greystone - Brak's brother

Samuel Cradlehorn - Caleb's uncle
Zoe Spitefrost - Winter fey, and Caleb's patron

Eirasarff - White dragon responsible for the decimation of Asteron's home, a mountainous region in northern Antilla.

Vincent Ashebury - Renowned Thellish bard, known for composing many folk songs for all nations, and even some hymns for Virrir. Marcus Ondore's son-in-law.
Candice Ashebury - Vincent's daughter. Many of Vincent's songs were written specifically for her voice. Marcus Ondore's granddaughter. Ran away from the Collegium Arcana at Haven.

Quon Quinn - Half Clixanese, half Thellish knight. Member of the mercenary group "Skyblades." Missing in action.
Hadari Hanova - Sindaran mage. Member of the mercenary group "Skyblades." Missing in action.
Rangrim Rockbore - Dwarven slayer. Member of the mercenary group "Skyblades." Missing in action.
Errich Everest - Halfling hunter. Member of the mercenary group "Skyblades." Missing in action.
Chaedi Calavira - Vitha'diran sentinel. Member of the mercenary group "Skyblades." Missing in action.
Torbera Telvrik - Dwarven warpriest. Member of the mercenary group "Skyblades." Recovered from a planar blister several months after disappearing on an expedition to explore newly discovered underground ruins.

Silincas - An elf found in the ruins discovered by the Skyblades party. Seemed to have body and mind separated. Doesn't appear to know where he is.