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An archive of some of the best, worst, and funniest things said by us and our characters in our adventures.

Pat's Campaign (Oct 2017 to Present)


Obverse Worlds

"Have you seen a picture of it?!"
"...have you?"

"Are you unconscious?"

"I'm going to use Words are not enough!"
"This is why I think up my own names."

“The only disadvantage of charging is you can’t take an action afterward... unless you’re a barbarian. In which case: THUNDERDOME!

“We’re only pirates until we’re off this boat!”

“Check this out. Flow blade... HARPOON!”

Reheat the kraken!!!

“Why does he weigh so much?”
“Because he’s made of steak!”

“I think we’re well ahead of the news that we’re wanted.”
“I’ve been tweeting about it.”

“If you don’t leave right now I’m going to start singing, and I’m not that kind of bard!”

“...I also have a haunted halfling.”

“No, not him.”
“Why not?”
“I’ve got him.”
“Ok, how about this one?”
“I’ve got both of them.”
“No you don’t!”

“This game has no room for dreams.”

“Stupid plough, it’s just going to push all that damage back into my driveway.”

“Arm the gangplank!”


"They are not serpentine... nor are they bas relief."
"That's not an adjective."

“That’s it, you’re ON THE LIST!”

“Talk shit get crit.”