Adventures in Panterra: Episode I - Between an Orc and a Hard Place

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A short adventure being DM'd by Xjph in his Panterra setting. More details to come!


These adventures take place in and around Lockston, a coastal town of about 2,000 people located on the border between Thelland and Regin.

Player Characters - Current

Garret (Elb)

Grew up on the streets of Creston, Garret was adpoted by a passing druid who took pity on him. Travelling with the druid and learning the ways of nature, he has recently returned to civilization for reasons.

Darren Drake (Mike)

Originally from Lockston, he was taken in and raised by the mayor. Later in life he left to become a privateer. Recently returned to help with local troubles.

Cleyon Stonweil (Ryan)

A human knight-errant, seeking to make a name for himself.

Morgran Gundalfson (Pat)

Dwarven Paladin, brother of Varen.

Varen Gundalfson (Phil)

Dwarven cleric, brother of Morgran.

Player Characters - Deceased

Imen Asa'ad (Pat)

A tiefling sorcerer. Formerly a soldier, now acting in the role of diplomat.

Session Summaries

Session 1 - Goblin Reconnaissance

Spring 1873 AC

The characters are in the town of Lockston, on the North East coast of the nation of Thelland. About town each character finds notices from Captain Damien Price, requesting the aid of brave heroes.

Upon meeting with Captain Price, the characters are informed that a large group of goblins have been seen in the hills South of Lockston. The town guard is busy keeping order in the docks due to the busy shipping season, and so the Captain is looking for volunteers to scout out the goblin encampment. All the characters agree to volunteer. Before leaving town, the characters do brief introductions, having never met before, with the exception of Imen and Garrett.

Journeying South for two days, the party has a number of encounters with animals, and Garret's druidic skills are proven to be quite valuable in negotiating with them. Nearing the goblin encampment, our heroes encounter a scouting party of three goblins. The fighting is fierce, and while the party proves victorious, Imen falls to the goblin blades. He is buried on a hill nearby.

The party reaches the goblin encampment, and learns that there are a great many goblins, somewhere between one and two hundred. Garrett scouts the camp alone, and discovers that the leader's tent is by itself on a nearby rise. Later that night, the party dispatches a goblin patrol and Garrett sneaks into the camp again. Bypassing a single guard, he creeps into the tent, and steals a document written in Goblin, and learns something of their plans from a crudely drawn map. He also grabs a bag of gems, a potion, and some magic dust.

The party flees with their loot, back to Lockston, ahead of the goblin horde. Upon reaching town, they alert Captain Price to the danger, and give him the goblin document so that he may find someone to translate it. Captain Price says that he will have to pull the town guard from their current duties to fend off the goblins, but that warned of the threat, they shouldn't prove to be too great a danger to the town.

Session 2 - Battle on the Bridge

Spring 1873 AC Cont'd

The Dwarven brothers, Varen and Morgran Gundalfson arrive in the town of Lockston. After learning about the troubles facing the town, they are directed to go see Captain Price. Upon arriving at Price's office, they are introduced to Garret, Darren, and Cleyon.

Varen attempts to translated the goblin scroll, only to learn that the scroll is, in fact, written in Orcish. After seeking a sage to translate the scroll, the party learns that it reads: "Rixtak, attack within the fortnight, or the deal is off. You want that shiny sword, don't you? - Kraith".

Captain Price leads his guardsman out of town to deal with the goblin menace. The party stays behind to defend the town against a suspected orcish raid against the docks, and are told to coordinate with Lt. Vincent Ruthers. The party meets with Lt. Brothers, and are given badges as a symbol of their authority.

The party spends a night guarding the docks, and after investigating some noises, are attacked by a group of drug smugglers and their vicious dogs. However, there is no sign of any orcish attack.

The following day, a large dust cloud is seen to the Northwest. Goblin infantry were attacking the town... apparently the same group of goblins the party had seen to the Southwest several days earlier. How they had crossed the river was a mystery the characters did not have time to solve. Instead, they rallied the town milita and artillery, and prepared for an assault on the bridge which lead to the most populated portion of the town. Despite a thorough search by Garret, Lt. Ruthers could not be found. A brutal battle was fought, with roughly four score casualties on both sides. At one point in the battle, Morgren was in grave danger, alone and surrounded by foes. He was pulled to safety only by the brave actions of Cleyon. Shortly after, the leader of the Goblins charged into battle himself, only to be soundly defeated by the heroes. With their leader dead, the remaining Goblin forces fled the battlefield.

The day was won, but many questions remain. How did the goblins cross the river? How are the orcs involved in the goblin attack? What happened to Lt. Ruthers , and why was he not at his post?

Session 3 - Traitor on the Run

Spring 1873 AC Cont'd

The party spoke with the Mayor of Lockston, and informed him that they planned to go after the guardsmen and make them aware of what happened. However before leaving town, they decided to search Lt. Ruthers house again. Outside one of his windows, they found the remnants of a note that had been hastily burned. It read "... Send bird when guards leave...".

Setting off to the West, the party met with the guardsmen just a day outside of town. They had found the goblin encampment abandoned, and hurried back to town, afraid of what may have happened in their absence. After informing them of the goblin attack, and subsequent defeat, the party went back to Lockston to see if they could find the trail of Lt. Ruthers.

After asking around town, the heroes learned that Lt. Ruthers had been seen heading North on the day of attack. They decided to follow, and several days later reached the town of Athera. Asking around, they learned of a series of caves used by smugglers on the coast, where the Lieutenant may have decided to hide. Finding horse tracks on the trail, the party made their way down to the coast, and prepared to explore the caves.

Session 4 - Into the Dark

Spring 1873 AC Cont'd

Inside the cave, the party encounters many orcs, and evidence that they had been living in the caves for a while. Further in, they find a passage which appeared to have collapsed. There are lots of weapons in the cave, enough to support significantly more orcs than the party has encountered so far.

Deeper still in the cave, the party encounters a group of goblins and orcs, who are in the process of beating Lt. Ruthers. The party put them to the sword, and brought Ruthers out from the cave.

Session 5 - Deeper in the Dark

Spring 1873 AC Cont'd The party heals Ruthers, and questions him about the recent events. Ruthers had been in league with the orcs, and had planned the attack on the town in order to discredit Captain Price. He had made a deal with Kraith, the leader of the orcs. Before the party had arrived, Kraith led a group of orcs further into the tunnel, and instructed the remaining humanoids to collapse it behind her, for reasons unknown.

The party set about clearing the tunnel, and then began delving deeper into the cave. Despite being beset by Piercers, Darkmantle and Creepers, the party prevailed. They found a very large cavern, the tunnel which opened into it being thousands of feet from the floor. They also found another tunnel they led to the surface. Following it, they stumbled into another group of orcs, led by a orcish warchief and a shaman. The party laid them low.

Session Final - Into the Light

Returning to the cave the party discovered a great open are with a small room at the rear. In the room they found a series of platforms with small recessions. After some experimentation it was determined that the platforms served a kind of metallurgical function, and were able to act on a ring they got from Ruthers to separate and recombine the metals it was composed of.

After some time they discovered how to use the room and created the ring "Amalgam", which gave the wearer control over metals.